What if I missed a lesson?

If a lesson with one of your students is missed, either by you or the student, you'll want to reach out to them to reschedule it.

If the student does not report the lesson as missed, you will be paid for the lesson.

If the student reports that the lesson was missed, you will receive notification of the report and you will have 48 hours to credit the lesson back to the student or further dispute the claim.

If you dispute the claim or do not respond, it will go to Rype to make a final decision.

Penalties for not showing up to your lessons:

* This will go on your Teacher record.
* Every No-Show without reasonable explanation will deduct a $20 USD penalty to your earnings for the month.
* Not showing up to multiple lessons will result in being put on a temporary Watch and possible permanent suspension from teaching on the Rype platform.

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