How are payments processed?

We work with a reputable third-party company, Referral Candy, who will handle payment of referrals via Paypal.

Payments will only be paid out after the following conditions are met:

  1. All conditions for a rewardable referred purchase are met (i.e. referral has successfully been verified, converted as a paying member of Rype)
  2. You have provided your PayPal email address for us to send the payment

(Please refer to the article on when referral rewards are sent)

NOTE: PayPal restrictions regarding payments

  1. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts that are categorized as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Advocates should ideally set up a Personal PayPal account to receive payments.
  2. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts in Russia, Ukraine or Turkey so please ensure that your Advocate's account is set up outside of these countries to be able to receive their rewards.

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