How do I view my earned Referrals? (Login)

To view your earned Referrals, you will need to login to your Rewards Page which you can do by following the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address that you previously used to register for the partner program (i.e. The name is optional if you've already signed up.

  3. Click the "Submit" button
  4. Click the "Your rewards" link on the top right menu

  5. Enter the email address that you used in step 2 along with the associated password for this Advocate Join Page and click the "Login" button

*Note: If you do not see the "Login" button in step 5 and see a "Create new account" button instead, this is because you have entered an email address that has not been registered yet. Please go back to step 1 and enter the correct email address that was previously registered. Alternatively, you can register and create a new account using a new email address.

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