How do I block off specific days when I'll be away/unavailable?

If you have an upcoming vacation, a project at work, family events, etc. you can block off specific days ahead of time so students cannot book lessons with you during those days.

*Note: This will not affect your regular working hours/days, it will only block off the specific days that you set. 

Example: Going on vacation from November 19-25, and cannot work during those days.

Written instructions

Here are the steps required if you want to block off specific days you'll be unavailable to teach:

1. Log-in to with your original account

2. On the Dashboard, click on Event Types

3. On Event Types, click on "Team"

4. Then find your Calendly link (/firstname-rype) and click the Settings Icon

5. Then click on "Edit"

6. Scroll down and find 'More Availability Options' and under 'Add blackout dates' select the date ranges when you will be unavailable to teach.

7. Click Save & Close

8. Repeat this with your other sessions (20-minute trial + 30-min sessions)

* Please leave the other settings as they are set, and only adjust settings that affect your working availability.

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