How do I change my regular working hours/availability?

Changing your regular working hours is something that will inevitably come up while you're working at Rype. This can happen for multiple reasons, including: your primary job schedule changes, you want to increase/decrease your working hours, etc.

At Rype, you can use our scheduling software,, and log-in to your account to change your regular working hours on your own.

Written instructions

Here are the steps required if you want to change your availability:

1. Log-in to with your original account

2. On the Dashboard, click on Event Types

3. On Event Types, click on "Team"

4. Then find your Calendly link (/firstname-rype) and click the Settings Icon

5. Then click on "Edit"

6. From there, you can start changing your availability.

*We ask you not to change any of the other settings available, as those are standard settings we have already input for you.

7. Once you're done making those changes, you can click Save Changes

8. Since you will have 2 different types of sessions on your schedule: 1) 20-minute trial session 2) 30-minute session, please make sure you are updating both in order to fully update your schedule.

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