Step 2. Set up your availability and profile

Once your team profile has been set up, you should be able to see the 'Team' tab when you head over to Event Types (on the top menu).

In this section, we will show you how you can set up your availabilities and profile.

* We expect teachers to take full responsibility for setting up their availability and profile accurately. Inability to do so may lead to negative student experience, which will affect your rating and inability to pass the trial period. Please double check your information before letting us know your profile is ready to go live.

1. When you log-in to Calendly, click 'Event Types' on the top menu

2. Then click the 'Team' tab

3. You will see your profile set up here. Click the 'Setting icon' on the right, and click 'Edit'.

4. Under 'When can people book this event', fill in the available times and days of the week that you'll be regularly available to teach (in your timezone). Then click Save.

5. Under 'Team Members & Location', fill in your Skype username. Then click Save.

Ex. Skype username: celine192

6. Return to the team page, and repeat the same process for the other remaining event.

*You should have 2 events available: 30-minute session & 20 Minute (Trial lesson). If you previously edited the 30-Min Session, you will need to repeat the same process for the 20 Minute (Trial lesson). Vice versa.

7. Lastly, click 'Edit' under Team Actions

8. Insert your profile picture and verify that your timezone is correct. Click Save.

9. Verify by going to your Calendly URL link to see if your time availability matches

10. Once you've completed all of these steps, email us at with the subject line 'Ready to Teach.'

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