Setting up your Teacher Profile

Congratulations on your new job teaching with Rype! Soon, you’ll be sent an invitation to set up your Teacher account. This is one of the most important items to set up correctly, so you don’t miss lessons and students can find you when you’re available. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide that will show you how to setup your Teacher account.

This video will outline the entire process, or you can follow the steps (and find the moment it's covered in the video) below!


1). Click the Settings Gear Icon on the left menu bar and fill out all fields (0:15)

2). Add at least one language you speak and your level of fluency. 
(Note: This is not the languages you teach, but languages in which you are comfortable communicating to students.) (1:10)


The "Calendars" option under Settings will allow you to export your lessons to a Google or Outlook Calendar (2:10)


The "Help" option under Settings will allow you to enter an admin's email address to give them permission to enter your account and assist with any issues or bugs you may encounter  (2:20)


Click the Calendar Icon on the left menu bar to view your upcoming lessons (2:45)


1). Click on Availability in the sub-menu.  This is where you can enter your recurring weekly availability for students to request lessons with you. (3:00)

2). Make sure your time zone on the top right is correct.

3). Select "Add" on the top left and click & drag your mouse on the times you wish to be available.

4). If you need to remove times you've highlighted, select "Remove" and then click & drag over those times.

5). Click Save at the bottom

6). If you need to make a one-time exception to this schedule for a vacation or appointment, click on "Blocked Times" at the top of the calendar. (5:05)

7). Select the date/s and times you need off, or select "All Day", enter a reason, and click Save.

8). Your blocked time exception should show on the right side of the screen.

9). If you no longer need this time off, click the X to the right of the blocked time on the right.


1). Select Listing in the sub-menu under the calendar icon (6:50)

2). Click the "Add" button and select what language you are teaching, your age-level focus (you can select as many of these as you wish), any specializations, and make sure to select your status as Online before clicking Save.

3). You can add more than one language listing.

4). If you do not wish to teach a language you have listed at any time, select the language and change the Status to Offline and select Save.

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