What to do during your lesson

This is your moment to shine!

Our best advice here is to have fun, get to know your students as a friend, and focus on achieving their set goals.

1. Set goals & understand student needs (if it's your first lesson together)

The difference between Rype and other language learning services is that we’re a coaching platform. Yes! You are a coach for your student.

Like all good coaching relationships, the relationship must start by setting a very focused goal for the student before you start.

Here are some questions to ask:

- Why are you learning this language? (i.e. business, family members, travel, etc.)
- What methods have you tried before (and why did you quit?)
- What is your goal in the next 3 months, next 6 months, 12 months?
- What would you like from me to help you reach your goals faster?
- What’s your learning style, and how can I best adjust our lesson to meet your needs?
- Would you like additional homework assignments, activities, and further reading in between our lessons? (or are you constraint on time?)
- How long would you like to take language lessons?

*You should spend no more than 5-10 minutes in this part of getting to know the students, since you know a lot of this from the Student Personalization Document.*

2. Set up next steps (assignments, feedback, next session, etc.)

Most students are far too busy to worry about next steps and scheduling their future lessons.

This is why we ask you to establish the next steps at the end of your lesson to:

- Schedule your next lesson
- Assign homework tasks, or further reading
- Share your feedback on their progress (and congratulate them)
- Ask for feedback on the lesson and how you can improve for next time

With that said, we will send students a personal feedback survey after each lesson for you to review, and we’ll send them a follow-up email to schedule their next email just in case.

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