How will the trial lessons go with my language teacher?

During your free 7-day trial, you will have access to 1/4 of the number of lessons on the subscription you selected.  This is to emulate the typical number of lessons you would be able to take each week so you can determine if the subscription you selected it right for you!

You can change your subscription at any time during or after your trial period (if the trial has already ended, your next invoice will be prorated with any price difference).

One of the best parts about joining Rype is our 7 day trial - the ability to take free lessons and choose which teachers you like best.

The main purpose of the trial lessons are:

  • To build relationships with your language teachers & see which ones you'd like to continue working with.
  • For your teachers to understand how they can best personalize your learning experience by getting to know your needs, goals, and proficiency.

Just like any first interaction, the trial lessons will be mainly focused on evaluating your goals, needs, and skills, and may contain some language teaching. But the majority of your customized learning will be activated when your official membership begins.

In terms of the trial lesson experience itself, it can either be through Skype video or audio, depending on your preferences. 

Happy learning!

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