What's the cost difference between Rype and a language school?

Rype is 1/4th of the cost of most language schools by numbers alone.

The reason is we don’t carry the  overhead, staffing, insurance, or building costs that language schools normally charge students a premium price for.

The same reason why we don’t need to commute to the bookstore because of Amazon, or why we don’t use Blockbuster to rent DVD’s because of Netflix, Rype has disrupted how language learning can be experienced with the power of technology.

By getting rid of the middle man and giving you direct connection to your coaches, you get more value for 1/4th of the price. 

Factoring in time

When you're factoring in the time that we save, it can go up to 1/10th of language schools, depending on each person.

An average person who's learning a language at a language school will spend on average 20-25 hours commuting/month. 

If your time is worth:

  • $10/hour, then that's $250 of sunk time.
  • $20/hour, then that's $500 of sunk time
  • $50/hour, then that's $1,250 of sunk time
  • $100/hour, then that's $2,500 of sunk time

Since you can learn anywhere in the world with Rype, you can enjoy your lessons in the comfort of your own home, at the office, or even while you're stuck in traffic.

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