What makes Rype such a powerful solution compared to other options?

There's 3 core reasons why learning a language with Rype is more powerful and effective than other methods out there.

1) Learning method (Real-life immersion)

Studies show that we only remember:

5% of what we learn in classrooms
10% of what we learn from books
but  90% of what we learn through immersion

This makes the immersive coaching we provide at Rype 18x more effective than traditional methods out there.

2) Helps you win back time (get faster results in less time)

Commuting to learn anything is already half the battle. Most students waste over 150+ hours/year by working with an in-person teacher or commuting to a language school. With Rype, you can learn at anytime of the day, any day of the week, and most importantly, anywhere you are.

We've also made it easier for you to save time while learning a language by allowing you to schedule 30 minute lessons, wherever you are in the world!

3) Premium network of handpicked, pre-vetted professional language teachers

As a global elite network, we’ve developed a rigorous screening process to identify the best teachers around the world. We’re a human business first, and we look for experienced teachers with great personalities, professionalism, experience, and leadership qualities.

Of the thousands of applications Rype sees each month, typically fewer than 1% are accepted.

Still have questions? Book a customer support call with Michele here!  https://calendly.com/michele-rype/support

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