How much time do I need to dedicate to learn with Rype?

From the hundreds of students that we’ve gathered data from, students on the GO plan spend ~2 hours/week learning, and students on the X plan spend ~3 to 4 hours/week learning. 

If you break that down, that’s 15 mins/day for the GO plan, and 30 mins/day for the X plan. Since all the lessons are online, you never have to commute to learn.

We've designed Rype to make it possible for even the busiest person to learn a language with the best teachers around the world.

  • Our lessons are 30 minutes long (all of us can make time for 30 minutes)!
  • Learn anywhere you are, any way you want, any time you want (commuting is half the battle)
  • Same-day bookings
  • Book lessons in 15 seconds or less

Half an hour is all you need.

In fact, learning a language with Rype takes less time than...

-Watching an episode of The Walking Dead 
-Waiting for your laundry to finish
-Taking your dog out for a walk
-Monday meetings at your company
-Cooking dinner 
-Walking to meet your teacher at Starbucks

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